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This theme of "Blessed to be a Blessing" feels very timely as we all face a cost-of-living crisis in the months ahead:

  • At home, households are being hit hard by rising prices, and fuel poverty is a real worry this winter for people who are already on low incomes.

  • At church, our costs are also rising. And, for some time now, we have not been able to cover all our day-to-day running costs from regular income. This year our deficit could be as much as £20,000.

We need to face up to both these challenges in the year ahead, proclaiming hope in Shrewsbury and beyond, serving our local community in Meole Brace and Radbrook Green, and providing extra support to those who are most in need.

We have all been blessed in so many ways. Now, more than ever, it is time for us to bless others with our time, our gifts, and our money.

Our response

You don’t have to be rich to be generous. We all have something to offer! That’s why we’re inviting everyone in our church family at Trinity to consider how they can give their time, gifts and money to bless others.

Time Doctor

Our Time. We need people to strengthen key areas of our church and community life so we can bless those around us even more. Could you find time to help offer a ‘warm welcome’ in ‘warm spaces’ in the Trinity Centre? Or help us provide more community-based activities such as the Trinity Table or Cloisters café? Could you offer a listening ear or prayerful presence at Café Connect, or in our Toddler Groups, Messy Church or Youth Groups? There’s such a joy in serving and, if you have the time, we’d love to hear from you!

gift icon

Our Gifts. A hallmark of the early church community was that no-one was in need, as those first Christians shared their possessions with each other. What could you share with others? Could you prepare and freeze a meal? Donate to the Food Bank? Or do you have useful items such as a spare laptop, phone or slow cooker that could help another family? If we can help you share with others, please let us know!

poundsterling coin money

Our Money. We are so grateful to all those who support the church financially. Your regular and generous giving provides crucial support for the ongoing life at Trinity and helps to bless the local community. And yet, for the past three years, we have not been able to fully cover our costs. With rising costs and a forecast deficit of £20,000 this year, we are asking everyone to consider whether they could give a little more …

Making a difference

We have been thinking hard about how to meet the twin challenges of supporting the ongoing life of the church, and at the same time providing special support for people in the greatest need. We have agreed to use any increase in people's financial giving as follows:


25% of all one-off gifts, and 25% of any new or increased regular giving, will go towards a specific PCC designated “Cost of Living” fund which can offer support for individuals, families and specific projects at church and across the local community. We already have a fund of c£2,500 which can be used at the discretion of clergy for this kind of support. We are aiming to develop this and grow the fund as people give over the coming year.


75% of all one-off gifts, and 75% of any new or increased regular giving, will be used to support both the ongoing ministries and new initiatives. We have a good track record of working with children and young people, with senior citizens and some of the more vulnerable groups across Shrewsbury. We will continue to deliver and develop these areas within the overall life and ministry of the church.

Any increase in giving by existing givers between 16th October 2022 and 31st December 2023 will be apportioned as described above. All new regular giving, and any one-off gifts (unless otherwise designated) received during this period will be apportioned in the same way. All giving will revert to the PCC “General Fund” from 1st January 2024 unless agreed otherwise. In the unlikely event that the “Cost of Living Fund” has not been spent by 31st December 2023, it will revert to the general use of the PCC.

Your giving

In the same way that we’re all checking our energy costs now, we want to invite everyone to do a similar check of their giving to the church. How are we all doing on the “generosity meter”? This sort of honesty with ourselves may not be easy, but it can give God the opportunity to grow faith in us.

  • Are you a regular giver? Would you consider increasing your giving? Not everybody will be able to do this, but, for those who can, it will make a huge difference to the life and work of the church.
  • Have you joined the church recently? Welcome to the family! If Trinity is your new home, would you consider supporting the life and work of the church with regular giving?
  • Could you give a one-off gift? We’ve all been ‘blessed to be a blessing’ and your special gift could help to bless others through the life and work of the church.

Every gift – large or small – can make a big difference. There are lots of ways to give: standing order, weekly envelopes and online. If you are a taxpayer, we can gain an extra 25% through Gift Aid. Or you could consider leaving a legacy so future generations can be blessed by Trinity Churches. Find out more on, in the leaflets in church, or ask at the church office.

Support for you?

Are you in particular need? Or do you know someone who might benefit from practical help or limited financial support? As a church we can’t do everything or help everyone, but alongside other Shropshire organisations we want to be able to offer help and support where we can. You can speak in confidence to a member of the ministry leaders team, or you will be able to find out more details on this website over the coming weeks.

"All the believers ... shared everything they had"

Acts 2:44

This microsite is part of the "Blessed to be a Blessing" initiative from Meole Brace Parish (Trinity Churches) in Shrewsbury. For more information go to, or telephone 01743 362399